Casa di Pizza




As you arrive in the wonderful Potos village you simply have to try the gastronomic creations of this unique pizzeria.

The pizzeria is located right in the corner next to the shopping alley and the beginning of the beach bars.

There you will find real traditional homemade pizzas that are made right before your eyes and at the same time a big variety of spaghetti dishes, italian and greek cuisine.

Enjoy a tasty chef’s salad along with the appetizers of your preferance and then get ready for the best pizza or pasta main course you ever had.

What’s more you may even order the meal you prefer to come straight to your place. It could be your hotel or even the beach!

All these you will enjoy in an environment next to the sea. You may even first decide to enjoy a swim in the waters of the Aegean and then stop the best pizzeria for a meal that you will always remember.
We also offer you greek specialities .

The Pizzeria for all !