Alyki is on the east side of the island, located about 35 km from Thassos Town and 47 km from Skala Prinos is a small rocky islet, which was once called the Holy Rock.

It is an area that keeps the remains of historical continuity since the 7th century BC.
On either side of the peninsula you can find some ruins, historic sites and a short road ride ready to offer an easy to pitch.

It is perfect for people who enjoy short hikes and a taste of history.
  Today the crystal clear water and quiet are the reasons why more and more visitors every year halt in the natural setting of rare beauty, which can not exist anywhere in the world.

Alyki is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on Thassos.
 The beach is narrow but very cozy, filled with lounge chairs, umbrellas and taverns with Greek Cuisine desire perfectly complements the games have opened a perfect day in a dream location.