Paradise Beach

This magnificent piece of paradise is situated by the sea about 26 kilometers from Thassos Town and 43 km from the port of Skala Prinos. It is a secluded beach surrounded by green hills and mountains on one side and the Aegean blue and foamy on the other side. It is a very quiet and peaceful place for a getaway when you want to be away from the world.

The beach is located off of the main road surrounding the island, going down dozens of meters . It is only 2 km from the city Kinira. Here you will find a fast food restaurant with hot and cold food and waiting lounges and beach umbrellas.

Also on this beach you will find an area where you can enjoy the sun without a bathing suit. A nudist area at the opposite end there.
This beach has become very popular over the years, so it gets pretty busy during the peak summer season. If you want to enjoy when it is quiet, plan your trip for May, early June or September.