Skala Prinos

On the northwest coast of Thassos is the port town of Skala Prinos.In this city is the second port of Thassos and connects the town and the town of Kavala on the mainland by ferry Peramos. The town is small and consists mainly of apartments and shops stretching along the coast. Most businesses here are owned by locals.

Skala Prinos is located about 17 kilometers from Thassos Town and about 24 kilometers from Limenaria.

 Skala Prinos is surrounded by several long, sandy beaches. The beaches are shallow in most cases the water is agitated, it is clean and the view of the mainland opposite the sea is amazing, clear days. Two of the beaches here have received a blue flag.

Sunset is spectacular in summer. He is very nice to watch while enjoying delicious traditional products, accompanied by the sound of the sea calm. Like that you can spend days here in Skala Prinos.