Rich historical Theologos Village located at 220 meters above sea level in the mountains of Thassos just 10 kilometers north-east of Potos. It is located 55 kilometers from Thassos Town and 38 km from the port of Skala Prinos.

Houses are built in traditional style architecture Macedonian charming stone roofs. Looking at these old houses and buildings of the city offers visitors an idea about the simplicity of life people lived here for hundreds and hundreds of years.

In summer, the vast majority of local people working in tourism-related business.

You should have at least one meal at a local tavern in Theologos. You will enjoy traditional Greek dishes from the best. Most of the taverns in Theologos using only foods and spices are grown in Theologos.
Lamb, grilled vegetable salad, everything comes from here. Enjoy local red and white wines, ouzo and tsipouro at your table. All products are fresh from local farms and gardens in the village.

A point of interest here is the church of Agios Dimitrios, which was built in 1803.