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Location : Potos, Thassos, Greece

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The realisation of the idea for an integral and full Roadside Assistance Cover began in 1975 in Thessaloniki, by the then newly founded EXPRESS SERVICE.
Ever since the first stages of its development, EXPRESS SERVICE has been distinguished for the quality of service, as well as for demonstrating special consideration in the treatment of the driver and fellow passengers This is the combination that distinguished the company from others in the field and brought it very quickly to the top of the rank, a place that it rightfully holds in the present day.
EXPRESS SERVICE was the first to combine Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Supervision Services complying to the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test in Greece, a contribution to “fewer accidents – better environment”
The exemplary contribution towards the “vehicle and the human being” and the absolute promptness and respect to its members, place the company on top in a European, as well as a world level.
For all these reasons, the company has been five times awarded QualityAwards from European and Universal Organisations.  In addition, EXPRESS SERVICE is the first company that acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate for its services. Possessing the knowledge and power, the high quality of services and an integral system, we strive towards an effective contribution towards the “vehicle and the human being”

Support for the vehicle and the human being!